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On customers’ request, our products can be personalized with different additives that aim at improving their performance on automatic palletization lines and bundling machines, their technical features and facility of use.
Such additives are:

Anti-UV STABILIZING AGENT: it is a balanced system of UV stabilization able to guarantee an elevated degree of resistance for the finished polyethylene product against sunlight degradation. We can add UV percentage according to customers’ application requirements and storing necessities.

ANTI-STATIC AGENT: it gives the product an high anti-static effect, long-lasting and self-regenerating during the time.
SLIP AGENT: it acts both as process lubricating and on the finished product to give quality of high slipperiness to the film, without altering the item optical properties.
ANTI-BLOCKING AGENT: it makes opening easier during the final use of articles such as tube films, single and multi-folded films, bags and hoods and it prevents roll coils from sticking during winding process.

The a.m. additives are the most used by customers; during process we can also add other masterbatches according to particular applications of the end-user.



Our products can be personalized with different colours, both transparent and matt, according to any customers’ applications and requests. The mostly used colours are: blue, yellow, green, red, orange, white, black and many others. Besides, on customers’ request, we can evaluate tailor-made requests for particular marketing purposes.

Note: all the additives and the colour masterbatches contained in our items, can come into contact with foodstuffs and medicines, in conformity with Italian DM 21/03/73 and following emendations..



In order to meet customers’ request and according to marketing and traceability purposes, we can personalize all the articles of our production range with printed logos and images of different size and colours, at different printing steps. Thanks to our flexographic printing machines, we can print 1 colour in-line (max width 140 cm) and up to 6 colours out of line for larger films (max width 190 cm).
Should you need further technical data and know about particular applications possibility, please contact our technical department.


Besides traditional sealed and cut articles (single, mono and multi-folded sheets, bags and hoods), normally conditioned in bundles on pallet, we can supply the same items in pre-cut rolls (with tear, sealed or not), with the following characteristics:

Max width of sealing and pre-cut: cm 130
Max roll outer diametre: cm 30


All items of our production range can be manufactured with co-extrusion technology (3 layers), with the possibility to combine colours (for example black inside / white outside) and diversify any layers with special materials and particular additives.

Should you need further technical data and know about particular applications possibility, please contact our technical department.